Touch Theatre would like to thank everyone who supported the 2018 tour of

ESCAPED ALONE by Caryl Churchill

August 23rd – September 1st 2018 



This production received record breaking audience members for our Theatre company. The combination of poignant dystopian drama and naturalistic comedy was reported to ‘touch’ our viewers and left them with much to think and talk about.

‘How refreshing to see a group stretch themselves with such a challenging play. The subject of pollution is ever present and to have it so prominently featured in a play is unusual and original and certainly captured the audience’s attention.’ CDA


‘It was clear that many hours had been spent discussing characterisations and motives with the cast, who were uniformly terrific!’ ‘The cast of four worked extremely well together and with the guidance and support of the director and tech crew, gave us a memorable evening and much discussion all the way home!’ CDA

On Sunday 5th August the Touch Theatre team hosted their first Beach Clean and upcycled as much plastic pollution as possible to form part of the set (pictured above left). We also were raising money in support of Surfers Against Sewage at each event through donations and the proceeds of our programme sales.

SAS Full Logo - Colour

We are all extremely proud of this production and the Escaped Alone cast and crew all had a fantastic and enlightening time putting the tour together. Thank you for your continued support!





2 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is my second go at trying to make contact before the Beach clean Gylly this Sunday?
    I am involved with plastic free falmouth, and we would like to support you on Sunday, and could get more interest in…..can you make contact and then we can use our networks to get alongside what you are doing.
    Chris Sharpe 07919417051


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