TOUCH theatre has been bringing theatre to Mid and West Cornwall since 2016. Here are a few of the things that our reviewers have said about us:

TOUCH theatre have “an astounding ability to select plays that resonate with contemporary audiences in Cornwall” …. they are “able to create brave, modern and powerful stage adaptations that allow space for audiences to question their own views on complex moral and political issues”.

Girls & Boys

TOUCH theatre have pulled off another stunning and revelatory play. A superb performance as The Woman by Emma Phillips, matched with great direction (Kath Archer),… a feel of choreographed nervous tension, this 90 minute one act zings along. They deserve full houses. Get a Ticket.

We rely on TOUCH theatre to give us strong thought-provoking drama and we were not disappointed with ‘Girls and Boys’.   Very brave to produce a solo drama, but this was well chosen for your experienced collaborative team and you are to be congratulated on your production of this demanding play.  The staging, direction and acting were all so well judged and executed.  I doubt the audience will ever be the same again!  We have yet to see a play that affected and involved the audience as personally as this and the stunned silence as it ended was surely the highest praise.

Precious Little

This was always going to be a challenging play, with multiple roles and strong issues to put across. A tremendous amount of work from the whole team was needed to give the play the credit it deserved. The themes that the author intended to convey, came out strongly in a truly imaginative way, which left us much to think about at the end of the evening.. We had an excellent and thought provoking evening.

The Welkin

A difficult play to produce and stage with its complex themes and large cast. This polished production gave the audience a harrowing, dramatic evening and we were completely engaged throughout. It was a treat to finally see some live theatre and of such high calibre.

Its subject matter is gritty but TOUCH is not a company that shies away from challenging material and this earthy and uncompromising script was given a good airing and forced us to recognise the political message that even now, over 250 years later, the treatment of women’s rights still has some way to go.

Escaped Alone

How refreshing to see a group stretch themselves with such a challenging play. The subject of pollution is ever present and to have it so prominently feature in a play is unusual and original and certainly captured the audiences attention. The cast of four worked extremely well together and with the guidance and support of the director and tech crew, gave us a memorable evening and much discussion on the way home.

Our trajectory…..

You are clearly becoming a company to watch and we will certainly want to do that.


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