TOUCH theatre’s style is non-naturalistic,  playing with visual, physical and political ideas inspired by  real life situations and portaying them in an expressionist way.  We use movement, music and stylisation to enhance the emotions and dilemmas the characters face.  TOUCH theatre plays to local audiences in Cornwall, performing work by established authors.  We have an unashamed preference for female playwrights, powerful roles for female actors and the intimacy of small ensemble pieces.

Previous works by members of the group have explored women’s rights and roles, the emotional pangs of separation, illness and loss of a loved family member; how society treats difference and disability; how we communicate with one another; how in an environmentally challenged world we negotiate our individual and collective experiences and power and its disintegration from a female perspective.


Privacy Policy Statement
TOUCH theatre is a society that is interested in touring visual, physical and political drama in Cornwall. 

The only data we hold are the names and email addresses of those who are interested in our company (or names, addresses, email and phone numbers for those we are working or have worked with). We only use our email list for the purpose of communicating with our supporters and customers.  The only additional information we may hold in paper format or electronically is the written feedback that you have given us after a show via a feedback sheet or any interactions you may have made via facebook, twitter, mailchimp or our website  http://www.touchtheatre.org

We are a small company, run by volunteers, as a not for profit organisation with no other purpose than to provide good shows for our supporters.  We are dependent on email to tell everyone about what is happening and we really want you to remain on the list.    We use our email list ONLY to send out details of shows being produced by Touch Theatre.  We do not use your email for anything else. You let us use your email, we send you details.  Nothing more.

Of course you can unsubscribe at any time anyway – you always could.  We will never misuse your information or pass it on to other organisations.

You can unsubscribe at any time by contacting TOUCH theatre at Country Haven, Crellow Lane, Stithians, Cornwall, TR3 7BB or by emailing touchtheatre15@gmail.com

We guarantee that your contact details are safe with us.


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