Writer in Residence

Touch Theatre’s writer in residence is Caitlin Rose

Scripts include:

Let Me Be Me –  2016 (full length play)

A translation of Hans Christian Andersen’s Ugly Duckling to a society that finds it difficult to tolerate difference.  Our Ugly Duckling, born in a supermarket toilet, has cerebral palsy and her journey mirrors  Andersen’s processes of rejection. Can she find within herself anything that this austere society will value?   Can she fight to be seen for what she is, rather than what she is not? Will society grant her wish and ‘let me be me’?    How can comedy help us explore these dilemmas?

Just Hear My Voice – 2014  (one act play)

A play of loss- physical, spiritual and emotional – experienced by a family in the last phases of a terminal illness of one of its members.

Touch – 2012 (one act play)

The first piece written by Caitlin Rose is a one-act piece about how our past influences our present.   A tough drama  that delves into a passionate,  if short-lived relationship.  What is commitment? What is love?   Is it ever better to cut and run?


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