Audience Feedback

We asked the audience for their feedback, here are a few of their comments:

‘Loved the stylistic take on a classic’

‘Thought provoking and moving’

‘Great acting’

‘Great for raising awareness of disability …. I have autism, I could relate to content’

‘Spot on’

‘Superb acting, imaginative staging, thought provoking script’

‘Brilliantly written and performed’

‘The innovative use of the ‘chorus”

‘Thought provoking’

‘Brilliant piece of theatre’

‘challenging, funny and disturbing all in one’

‘the ideas were really clever and well thought out’

‘loved the combination of meaning and humour’

‘really humorous’



One thought on “Audience Feedback

  1. Glad we made the effort to come even though our “disabilities” meant it was a long time to sit on those pews despite the cushions we took. Congratulations to all. Very imaginative. Chris and Mark.


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